Feel at home in our hotel

Feel at home in our hotel

Feel at home in our hotel - this is our philosophy at Seehotel Sternen. Apart from providing for your comfort, every room has a balcony for you to enjoy the fresh lakeside air or magnificent view of the natural landscape. Our rooms are also furnished with a telephone, Internet connection, radio, TV and mini-bar, as well as a safe for your personal articles of value.

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You will be greeted with a warm smile
Isabel and Daniel Unternährer - General management

General management

We, Isabel and Daniel Unternährer, have managed the Seehotel Sternen since 1 November 1998. My wife Isabel is responsible for managing the hotel and seminars. I am in charge of food & beverages, marketing and sales, human resources, as well as consultation for banquets and weddings.
Georg Putz – Master Chef

Master Chef

Mr. Georg Putz began employment at Seehotel Sternen as a chef on 01.12.2018.
Dep Chef de Service

Deputy Director / Service and banquet Manager

Mrs. Anne Oeser began employment on 1st May 2018 at Seehotel Sternen Horw as Deputy Director / Service and banquet Manager.

Benjamin Peter - Master Chef


Mr. Benjamin Peter, Master Chef with Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, starts employment at Seehotel Sternen as a Sous-chef on 18th February 2019.
Carola Geiger – Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

Ms. Carola Geiger, Restaurant Manager, assumed responsibility for the organisation, administration and operative management of our service team on 1st november 2018.
Anke Gaschler - Reception


Ms. Anke Gaschler, Deputy Chef de Reception, has been employed as since 01.09.2002. As a reliable employee of many years, she is responsible for guest relations, as well as all administration and correspondence.
Almerinda Teixeira Viscusi - Governess


Mrs. Almerinda Teixeira Viscusi began employment at Seehotel Sternen as Governess on 01.04.2004.

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How everything began and where it is going
  • Here, where Seehotel Sternen stands today in Horw, was once the former inn with the same name; it actually stood here until 1985. The history of the "Sternen" is closely connected with the ferry service, which dates back to the 1600s. Passengers who had to wait to make the crossing, sought not only shelter here, but also food and drink. Wirtschaft Sternen im Winkel um 1700
  • As early as 1608, the government from the canton of Obwalden deemed the sale of food and drink on a private basis as neither lawful nor effectual. Thus, it submitted a plea to Lucerne’s city council, requesting that an inn be opened in “Winkel”. The city council rejected the request on the following grounds, however: "Such a situation may give rise to an occasion where the ferrymen are more apt to devote their attention to wine, rendering them incapable of navigation and therefore also dangerous to passengers and our city inhabitants alike." Französische Truppen im Winkel am 9. September 1798
  • In spite of this, Hans Türler received permission in 1609 to "bake bread and serve food". In 1613 he was granted permission to run the inn, "but only with proper intent." By circumventing the authorities, Sebastian Studhalter, proprietor at "Rössli", issued him the license to serve wine on the condition that he pay him 40 florins every year. In addition, Studhalter sold Johann Kaufmann a license for 700 florins, with the new establishment in “Winkel Allmend” bearing liability. Bailiff Hartmann discovered their ploy and informed the government, which subsequently revoked Hans Türler’s license, punished Sebastian Studhalter with a costly fine and issued Johann Kaufmann the license to run a tavern "with the Sternen sign" in 1643. Wirtschaft Sternen um 1906: Saalanbau
  • With the commencement of shipping on Lake Lucerne, as well as the improvements made to the road on the Brünig Pass and the start of the Brünig railway, the importance of the ferry service waned, which naturally had an impact on the "Sternen" as well. Hotel und Pension Sternen um 1912; Anbau 2 Ecktürme
  • Its owners endeavored to adapt the inn to the inevitable changes. Renovations to the building and alterations in business operations thus transformed Sternen into a popular family hotel and destination for excursions. In 1973 the “Corporation Horw” acquired the "Sternen", had the former buildings torn down in 1985 and had a new building, designed by the architect Inäbnit from Interlaken, constructed on the grounds. The grand opening of Seehotel Sternen took place on 7 November 1986. Hotel Sternen bis 1985; Abbruch und Neubau
  • Nine years ago, Daniel Unternährer’s parents transferred the proprietorship of Seehotel Sternen to their son and his wife. Seehotel Sternen **** seit 11. November 1986


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Für unseren lebhaften **** Hotel- und Restaurationsbetrieb mit 25 Zimmern und 3 Restaurants (Sommer 150 Gartensitzplätze) sowie Konferenz- und Banketträumlichkeiten für bis zu 135 Personen direkt am Vierwaldstättersee haben wir folgende Stellen zu besetzen:

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Isabel & Daniel Unternährer
Seehotel Sternen
Winkelstrasse 46
6048 Horw
Telefon: Tel +41 41 348 24 82
E-mail: info@seehotel-sternen.ch